Memes & Dreams

  • Dandelyin

Dandelyin Roots are GROWING!

My Etsy shop is up and waiting for my supporters to peep some of my handmade creations!

The merchandise in my shop is heavily inspired by my music and my EP Gold-Plated. All of these pieces have stories to tell and memories attached. From using old costume jewelry to collecting beads and gems from local thrifts and flea markets, these accessories will forever remain one-of-a-kind and extremely unique. Inspiration has also been drawn from jewelry in fairytales, lore, myths, medieval history, sisterhood and magic with a touch of steam punk. These ethereal pieces also stemmed from my sterling silver charm bracelet to which I have been DIY-ing throughout my life and travels since age twelve.

These handmade accessories will be available at upcoming shows listed on my Homepage and on my Etsy shop DandelyinRoots

Find your special gem TODAY @

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