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Catch some "Wildfire"

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

The silver linings within navigating and pursuing a life in a music are what keep each artist reminded that their work is important and appreciated. Becoming an artist at Factory Underground Studios in Norwalk, CT has been a wonderful achievement not only to attach my name to a growing marvel in a small town, but because of the resources and creative minds that dwell in this underground sanctuary for thriving artists.

Due to my involvement with this random enigma of a studio, I have been fortunate enough to work with artists like Ethan Isaac (of Edisun) and producer Kenny Cash on my Gold-Plated EP. During my time working with Factory, we had discussed making some videos and I am now excited to announce THE RELEASE OF "WILDFIRE" MUSIC VIDEO on JANUARY 17!!!!!

Working with Factory Underground's creative director and 3-time Emmy-nominated producer Amanda Ozment on the ukulele, live-session style of the video has been a dream come true. To work with a female mind that has the ability to create something colorful and interesting out of raw footage that we filmed together was also a beneficial experience. Sitting in on the production and editing has, not only been enlightening, but highlighted just how valuable the artists behind the camera truly are.

The song itself is about the ups and downs of uncertainty in love by suggesting visually that "love is color". There are moments where the world surrounding me is in color but that I am rolling around feeling black and white, or visa versa. However, any time I have been in love, I have felt the color pour into the rest of my life but when I was writing the song, I was experiencing the color leaving the intimate relationship I was in. The video also suggests warmer and darker seasons.

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